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Buying A Puppy

If you are looking to purchase a Whippet or Whippet puppy, be prepared to travel. Utah does not have any steady whippet breeders. Whippets are quite rare in Utah. You may see an occasional ad in the newspaper or online but these generally are backyard breeders or puppy mill dogs which should be avoided. California, Arizona, Colorado, Washington and Oregon all have steady whippet breeders which may have 1-2 litters a year. If your looking for a puppy, you will need to be patient. You may need to be put on a waiting list for a puppy.

See our referrals page for reputable breeders. Because whippets are a more rare breed, you should expect to pay $700-$1000 for a PET QUALITY Whippet!


What Makes A Good Breeder
Dog breeding is not an investment or moneymaking hobby. A good breeder does not earn a profit from selling puppies. Good breeders typically spend more money on health screenings, whippet events and vet care, then the get in return from selling puppies. A good breeder puts the dog’s health, temperament, conformation and good structure before money. Always request to see living conditions of the parents and puppies. These conditions should be clean and dogs should look well cared for. Any breeder who refuses to let you see their home or adult dogs should be avoided. NEVER buy a puppy sight unseen!

If your looking for a breeder, be sure they have done health screenings on both the dog and bitch prior to breeding puppies. These tests check for genetic conditions that could possibly pass down to the pups and shorten their life.

Utah Whippet

A Good Whippet Breeders Need to Test For:
The CERF (Canine Eye Registration Foundation) Exam is a once a year test that examines a dogs eyes for inherited eye disease.

The BAER (Brain stem Auditory Evoked Response) Test is a once per lifetime test to definitively determine if your dog can hear from both ears.

Cardiac Clearance Exams: This heart test checks for genetic anomalies, injuries and other ailments that affect Whippets in particular.

If your planning on breeding a race bred whippet you need to test for:
DNA test for the Myostatin gene (double muscle gene): This is a disorder found in whippets. This is a secreted TGF beta protein family member that inhibits muscle differentiation and growth. Myostatin is produced primarily in skeletal muscle cells, circulates in the blood and acts on muscle tissue, by binding a cell-bound receptor called the activin.

What Is A Puppymill?
Puppymills only care about the profit that they earn from the pups. They will breed anything that looks like a pure bred dog. They generally don’t care about the condition of the breeding dogs. They overlook health problems both physical and genetic. Breeding dogs are typically confined in small cages with little human interaction. Dogs are constantly breed to both young and old females every heat cycle. Puppy Mills then sell to pet stores and online ads across America. Do you want to support breeding conditions like these?

What Is A Back Yard Breeder?
This is a person that breeds their purebred dog without doing their homework. They typically breed for money, think it would be “fun” or think it would be good for the kids. They don’t do any of the health screenings or proper planning to make sure all the pups are in good homes. Often, Back yard breeders breed dogs with faults or genetic conditions that pass to the puppies. This perpetuates fault and health problems in the breed. They do nothing to prove their dogs are of sound temperament and that they are reproducing good representatives of the breed. They just breed their PET and often.

Good Breeder Check List
-A responsible breeder will interview your family and even check your home to ensure a safe environment.

- Good breeders will have mandatory spay and neuter contract if this is a family pet not meant for breeding.

- Will let you see where the puppies are kept, condition of the living area and let you meet the dog or bitch that produced the litter (preferably both).

- The family will have to return the whippet back to the breeder if the whippet can’t be kept in the original home. This will be in writing in the contract.

- Both the dog and bitch will have proper health screenings done prior to breeding any puppies.

- Both dog and bitch is registered with the AKC kennel club. The breeder will supply the correct paperwork to register the pups.

- Good breeders do not breed dogs younger then the age of two. Females should be bred no more then ONCE every 2 years.

- Breeders should belong to national, regional, and/or local dog clubs, indicating a love for the sport of purebred dogs. Shows their dogs in conformation or performance sports as an objective test of how his stock measures up.

- Prices will be at the high end of local range. Price will not reflect all that is invested in the pups. A reputable breeder never profits from the sale of puppies.

- They do not advertise in the newspaper.

- Has an established waiting list for the pups.

- After purchase, the breeder should help you with grooming or training problems and wants to keep in contact with your family.

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